Geneq Launches iSXBlue III+ GNSS Receiver

Geneq Inc. announced that iSXBlue receivers are fully compatible with the Collector 10.4. for iOS. The high sub-metric accuracy which characterizes the iSXBlue receivers is thus available in real time for field workers and Collector users.

The iSXBlue III+ GNSS is a palm-sized dual frequency receiver that delivers real-time centimeter accuracy to your iPad or iPhone using GPS, GLONASS and RTK. Its battery-powered lightweight design makes it ideal for a variety of mapping applications including GIS, forestry, mining, utilities, agriculture, surveying and environmental.

The users of the high precision receivers can take advantage of new features of data collection with the Collector software. Particularly:

  • Detailed information about the location and its related accuracy
  • An easy way of setting a minimal precision value during data collection
  • A new simple interface for Bluetooth connection setting with the iSXBlue receiver
  • New correction profile setting to define datum transformations
  • Capture GNSS metadata (accuracy, correction type, DOP,…) and attach it to features you collect
  • Improved notifications for receiver changes or configuration issues


Users that need centimeter accuracy will enjoy using our iSXBlue RTN software, available on AppStore, allowing them to receive and use RTK corrections on IP connection (NTRIP or DIP) along with iSXBlue receivers.

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