Geneq Inc. announces battery upgrade

SXblue announced a battery upgrade for its receivers.

The new battery is equipped with 4 Li-ion rechargeable cells that boost its capacity from 3900 mAh to 6000 mAh.

It boosts the receiver’s autonomy by up to 50%, greatly increasing its field work efficiency. 

When fully charged, the battery can last up to 16 hours depending on the SXblue model and bluetooth connectivity.

The colored LEDs for the battery charge indicator have been enhanced for a better contrast even when working under sunny conditions. Like previous versions, the new battery is field replaceable and can be charged separately or while it is connected to the receiver. With only 6mm increase in thickness and the same weight as previous models, the user will not notice any change in handiness and ergonomy.

The new battery is compatible with all past SXblue II and III models and current iSXblue II+ GPS, SXblue II+ GPS, iSXblue II+ GNSS, SXblue II+ GNSS and SXblue Platinum.

Furthermore, it is compatible with the new pole clamp accessory for the survey kit.

Website SXblue

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