Free U.S. traffic count data for use

Caliper announced the release of a free Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) map layer. Annual average daily traffic is the total volume of vehicle traffic on a highway or road for a year divided by 365 days.

The AADT data is critical for companies that rely on daytime populations and activities, such as retailers, shopping centers, and corporate marketing departments, because traffic counts are a key factor in analyzing trends, allowing them to tailor their business to better suit their customers. 

AADT is a useful and simple measurement of how busy a road is and is useful for:

•             selecting a new site or facility location, evaluating a site, or designing a territory
•             determining funding for highway maintenance and improvement
•             forecasting road maintenance needs and expenditure
•             identifying the best location for your business based on traffic patterns
•             analyzing how traffic may impact store construction
•             analyzing the environmental hazards of sound and pollution related to road transport

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