EyesMap3D: accurate and powerful 3D photo modeling software

eCapture, a global based technology company, announced the launch of its versatile and intuitive software eyesMap3D, to generate accurate 3D models and point clouds, which measure directly from images.

EyesMap3D allows the users to do high-density points clouds with textures achieving a realistic 3D model appearance. In addition, eyesMap3D is able to measure accurately on the images, generate true orthophotos, geo-reference and scale the results which are useful tools for customers in this software.

Between the main features, the eyesMap3D´s users can use their cameras, mobile phone or camera drone to capture images. EyesMap3D is compatible with most popular software packages out in the market. The software is capable to generate 3D models and point clouds from your photos in a short period of time. For example, you can get 2 millions of points only in 3 minutes.

The goal of the company is to allow the user generate and work with 3D models and photogrammetric tools in the easiest possible way, while maintaining the data quality.

In 2015, eCapture launched eyesMap tablet: a device with an all-round capacity for modelling 3D scenes both indoors and outdoors. EyesMap tablet is a versatile instrument for many users who needs results directly while working in the field.

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