European 5G wireless mapping team includes Bluesky & Hexagon

LAND INFO Worldwide LLC has assembled a world class team of geospatial companies to help plan the roll out of 5G networks across Europe.

LAND INFO is already the premier provider of mapping solutions for 5G wireless in North America using machine learning and artificial intelligence to meet the demanding mapping specifications of network design. It hopes that by working with aerial mapping company Bluesky International in the UK and Hexagon’s HxGN Content Program team in continental Europe, it can extend this reach in the 5G industry internationally.

“Our international team, comprising Bluesky and Hexagon, will give 5G wireless operators in Europe direct local access to the geospatial data and expertise they need to develop state-of-the-art telecommunications networks,” said LAND INFO President Nick Hubing.

LAND INFO uses the most detailed aerial sources to create precise mapping optimized for demanding 5G network planning and design. This Manhattan, New York, 3D data set includes 3D building structures with detailed segmenting and contoured treed vectors with understory modeling.

LAND INFO emerged as a primary provider of 5G network mapping solutions as a result of significant investment in developing automated geospatial technologies including object-based image analysis and artificial intelligence. These proprietary technological advancements have uniquely positioned LAND INFO to meet the mapping specifications of 5G network design worldwide.

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