Esri’s WhereNext explores the role of location technology

Esri announced the launch of WhereNext, an online resource that provides a revealing look at the role of location in trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation, big data analytics, and smart communities.

WhereNext illuminates the ways in which location intelligence—relating to business assets, workers, demographic trends, consumer behaviors, and more—drives faster, more effective decision-making. Written for business executives and decision-makers in government and business, WhereNext brings valuable context to today’s technology trends while alerting executives to the forces that will challenge their organizations in years to come.

“Executives in business and government are under pressure to extract measurable value from the IoT, digital transformation, and other initiatives,” said Marianna Kantor, Esri chief marketing officer. “One key to finding that value is seeing your organization spatially and understanding the patterns at play across locations. That’s the primary focus of WhereNext.”

WhereNext will publish new content on a weekly basis. Subscribe to the magazine directly on the site here.

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