Esri users gain access to international public transport data from TravelTime

Esri UK today announced that partner TravelTime (previously iGeolise) has made its multimodal transport data accessible to customers via a new plug-in.

TravelTime’s international data is a more valuable way of calculating where is easy to reach, based on all modes of transport and time of day, compared to using the traditional ‘as the crow flies’ distance radius method. The new plug-in gives Esri customers access to the data in minutes, eliminating the need for days of extra coding or development work.

TravelTime data has most recently been used by the NHS and other organisations to determine the best location for COVID-19 testing centres, planning ambulance dispatch locations and creating geofences for home deliveries. Other applications include site selection for offices, retail outlets or government services, optimising delivery routes or marketing to specific audiences.

Adding another powerful dimension to the Esri ArcGIS platform, users can now map, rank and sort location-based data by multimodal travel time instead of distance, alongside the thousands of other datasets within ArcGIS. The new tie-up improves decision-making for a wide range of organisations and is particularly valuable to the property, retail, planning and central/local government sectors.

Real estate company Knight Frank is one of the first Esri UK users. Knight Frank, Associate, Geospatial Enterprise, Daniel Cronin commented: “The TravelTime ArcGIS plug-in enables us to get up-and-running with the full suite of TravelTime analysis capabilities, instead of spending days developing, testing and maintaining our own API integrations. Analysing site accessibility using public transport, driving, walking and cycling data helps us to provide the most precise location intelligence to our clients.”

TravelTime calculates journey times using all modes including public transport, driving, cycling or walking, using isochrone visualisations on a map. It can also return the exact travel times and distances for thousands of journeys within a catchment in a few clicks, or create a travel time or distance matrix. TravelTime data is international and covers all of Europe, North America, Australia plus a few other countries.

“Understanding journey time data is crucial when businesses need to attract or serve employees, customers, or members of the public,” said TravelTime CEO Charlie Davies. “The ArcGIS plug-in means that it’s easier and quicker to generate travel time visualisations or tables without needing to do large volumes of coding. Our data is now more accessible than ever.”

“Esri UK customers can now benefit from the power of travel time analysis in their usual workflows, integrating it with maps, apps and dashboards,” commented Heather Fletcher, Head of Practice Partners, Alliances and Content, Esri UK. “TravelTime are the worldwide experts on all public transport data. Having rapid access to such comprehensive public transport travel times will greatly enrich the decision-making process for all Esri UK users.”

For more details and to access the new plug-in click here.

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