Esri UC explores GIS enabling the intelligent nervous system for the planet

Esri announced that over 19,000 GIS professionals are expected to attend the 39th Annual Esri User Conference, to be held at the San Diego Convention Center from July 8-12.

The Esri User Conference brings together technology innovators, executives, educators, scientists, and GIS users seeking to solve challenges in their organizations as well as the world using the most powerful mapping and analytics platform on the planet. 

This year’s conference theme, GIS – The Intelligent Nervous System, explores the interconnection of people and technology across organizations and communities to transform how they see, think, and act.

Esri president Jack Dangermond will open the week with his vision for GIS and geospatial infrastructure, creating deeper understanding for organizations to make positive change across the globe.  

“For thirty-nine years, the Esri User Conference has welcomed GIS users to meet and learn from each other,” said Dangermond. “Personal development, exchange of ideas, and organizational advancement are the foundation of this event where we host GIS practitioners as they discuss possibilities and seek solutions that shape our future.”

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to hear from accomplished GIS users and thought leaders from across the globe. Renowned conservationists Jane Goodall and E.O. Wilson will join Jack Dangermond for a discussion on what they have learned over their legendary careers helping to protect species and ecosystems, as well as the role geospatial technology plays in the future of global biodiversity.

Ambassador Stefano Toscano from the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) will also deliver a keynote presentation on how GIS is being used to enable the safe removal of land mines in conflict-impacted regions worldwide, returning the land to the community for long-term viability, and using GIS to build sustainable peace. 

More presentations and demonstrations from GIS users will include:

  • The City of Pasadena, California will show how they use GIS across several of the city’s departments, including the planning of housing developments in the city, management of resources at the city’s many special events, collaboration with surrounding city agencies on emergency management, and implementation of community programs to improve livability.
  • Students from the Northern Ireland town of Lurgan will share how they are using GIS to record and analyze sectarian data in their divided town, and how this work has highlighted what the participants with conflicting backgrounds have in common. This will be the first time that an international school will be on stage at the Esri User Conference as part of the Monday plenary session.
  • NatureServe will reveal how they partnered with Natural Heritage Programs in all 50 states to develop the Map of Biodiversity Importance (MoBI), so appropriate programs can be developed to ensure survival and preservation of species.

The Esri User Conference provides an opportunity for GIS professionals to participate in over 1,000 Esri and user presentations. Conference attendees come from 130 countries and all 50 states.

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