Esri recognized as one of Fastest Growing Cloud Companies

Smart mapping leader Esri announced that it has been recognized in a new report by PwC as one of the 25 fastest growing cloud companies. The report assesses some of the ways cloud computing continues to change and shape the software industry.

The cloud enables organizations to manage a growing volume of data from mobile devices, sensors, and other connected assets quickly and seamlessly; it accelerates technology deployment and delivers faster time to value. Esri’s ArcGIS Online delivers a cloud-powered universe of mapping and analysis resources that bring insight to complex data at speed and scale.

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Jack Dangermond

“Our customers expect that the cloud, like other innovative technologies, should offer more than just cheaper ways of doing business,” said Esri president Jack Dangermond. “When you have the information to understand a situation or an environment holistically and in real time, you are better equipped to act on that insight. Cloud computing enhances decision-making, and software as a service (SaaS) enables organizations to be more agile, competitive, and profitable.”

Additionally, Esri’s cloud-based Living Atlas of the World provides easy access to large, high-quality collections of ready-to-use geographic data. These vibrant data layers, enriched and updated continually, can be used to populate any map for deeper study and analysis. The atlas contains carefully curated content that makes it easy to explore by topic, download specific datasets, and include new data into map-based activity.

“We’re excited to be part of this growing trend,” said Brian Cross, head of Professional Services at Esri. “We continue to invest in and evolve our cloud offerings, including using a third party to host the cloud, hosting it ourselves, or providing GIS as a service.”

PwC recognizes Esri alongside organizations such as Apple and Microsoft for innovating the SaaS model and supporting a complex ecosystem of users, partners, and competitors to deliver the best aggregated customer experience available.

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