Esri announces beta program of ArcGIS Runtime SDK

Esri announced that its ArcGIS Runtime SDK will begin supporting development for embedded Linux devices on the Qt platform. ArcGIS developers are no longer limited to building applications for desktops and mobile devices. Now they can build for new and modern computing platforms, establishing and positioning Esri into the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

This new software developer kit (SDK) support for ARM embedded Linux systems—the chipsets that run on small, embedded devices that make up the backbone of IoT systems—will bring the capabilities of ArcGIS to many different devices. For example, adding location intelligence to sensors streaming telemetry data to small devices on trucks as they travel gives a geographic context to real-time data collection and machine learning. This helps logistics companies keep track of things like deliveries and incidents on the road, so they can maintain more efficient supply chains.

“Qt has been a very valuable business partner to Esri, and we are excited to announce this new platform support,” said Euan Cameron, Esri chief technology officer, Runtime and Applications Group. “Qt’s strength has always been its support for multiple computing architectures. This is the next logical step in our relationship as we move toward embedded device development.”

Qt allows users to easily create powerful and connected devices that are capable of running IoT solutions across millions of devices for use in a number of industries such as facility and factory automation, connected vehicles, and health care.

“The Esri ArcGIS Runtime SDK has been a valuable tool for many Qt users looking to build native mapping apps,” said Juhapekka Niemi, Executive Vice President at The Qt Company. “We look forward to expanding our partnership to include the exponentially expanding market of embedded devices.”


About The Qt Company
Qt Group (Nasdaq Helsinki: QTCOM) is a global software company with a strong presence in more than 70 industries and is the leading independent technology behind millions of devices and applications. Qt is used by major global companies and developers worldwide, and the technology enables its customers to deliver exceptional user experiences and advance their digital transformation initiatives. The company’s net sales in the year 2017 totaled 36,3 MEUR, and it employs some 300 people. 

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