ESO Surveyors releases Terrestrial Laser Scanning Video

ESO Surveyors recently released a stunning video highlighting a RIEGL VZ-400i Terrestrial Laser Scanner being utilized to scan building and street infrastructure for design and construction purposes in Australian cities.


This high-speed, high-accuracy cutting-edge laser scanner  with a laser pulse repetition rate of up to 1200 kHz provides high speed data acquisition up to 500,000 measurements/sec at eye-safe operation. The innovative processing architecture enables data acquisition and simultaneous geo-referencing in real-time, automatic on-board registration, as well as simultaneous image and scan data acquisition. The delivered high-resolution, high-accuracy point cloud data is a sound basis for further processing to provide meaningful data in as-built-surveying and construction monitoring.

See the results of their rapid scanning workflow using state-of-the-art RIEGL LiDAR technology in the video above. ESO Surveyors was able to capture data with the RIEGL VZ-400i scanner and process it using Cyclone 3DR software with client viewing in Pointerra.

The combined point cloud, mesh, and CAD visualization and animation were made in NUBIGON.

Website ESO Surveyors

Website RIEGL

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