Energy company Luostejok Kraftlag has chosen Digpro

Digpro, an innovator in the field of Geographic IT, has been chosen to supply their GIS based network management system dpPower and dpCom to the Norwegian energy company Luostejok Kraftlag AS. The Norwegian energy company Luostejok Kraftlag AS main purpose is to distribute electrical power to customers in Karasjok and the eastern part of the municipality of Porsanger and Veidnes in Lebesby, Norway. Luostejok Kraftlag has now chosen Digpro as the supplier of their network information systems dpPower and dpCom to help them manage their electrical distribution network and optical fiber network.

Luostejok Kraftlag have struggled for many years with a situation characterized by poor data quality caused partly by the fact that the same data is in multiple systems that do not talk with each other. Existing systems have had a high user threshold, which has resulted in that one system has not managed to spread its use throughout the organization. That has given the organization high system costs and a demanding IT operation.


“The existing systems did not support all phases of the operation of our electrical and fibre infrastructure. Something had to be done, and quickly. We felt as if we moved backwards into an increasingly digital future”, said Ole G. Thomassen, CEO, Luostejok Kraftlag.

If Luostejok Kraftlag should seek support for operation of a progressively smarter grid, with future-oriented maintenance and generally become a more proactive and effective network owner, to add even more poorly integrated systems was not the right way to move forward. Luostejok Kraftlag wanted to find a system that covered their needs in just one single platform, with one joint database.

“We found this in Digpro’s dpSpatial. Now we have a system that gives us support for both our infrastructure areas, as well as all phases of planning, operation, maintenance, as well as a system that is flexible and user-friendly. Last but not least, the solution can be used by the mobile user-friendly web interface. We look forward to a continuation”, says Ole G. Thomassen, CEO, Luostejok Kraftlag.

‘’We are very proud and happy to be awarded the contract for supplying with Luostejok’s new management system for energy distribution and telecom networks. We are delighted to have received the confidence of Luostejok Kraftlag and we are looking forward to a long and rewarding cooperation with them. Norway is a prioritized market for Digpro and we see Luostejok’s choice of supplier as further evidence that there is a great demand of powerful and cost-effective systems for planning, operation and maintenance of a variety of networks here’’, says Bo Lundgren, CEO Digpro.

energydpPower offers a new way of managing electric distribution networks by focusing on the fact that the network is best visualized through maps and schematics. With dpPower in place everyone within the organization can access any data needed to perform their mission, regardless if it is operation, planning, maintenance, customer service or documentation through the fully web-enabled interface, dpPower offers great flexibility as it allows external resources to work efficient directly on the same data as in-house resources.

dpCom is a network information system that managing telecom networks. Incorporating comprehensive and modern GIS functionality, dpCom is a fully web-based asset register, including advanced maps, schematic diagrams, topologies and asset data. Digpro provides solutions for electricity, telecommunications, gas, district heating, water and central and local government.

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