Diagnostics User Portal for GE Smallworld customers

Realworld Software Products B.V. launched its User Portal for the popular Diagnostics product. The User Portal is a platform which allows Diagnostics users to keep in touch with each other and share their progress. Any users who have implemented great ideas within Diagnostics can now share these unique insights with other Diagnostics users. This will make it even easier for users to bolster the return on investment from their Diagnostics implementation.

Diagnostics is the industry-leading tool for monitoring and analysis of GE Smallworld implementations. It includes numerous standard dashboards that allow GE Smallworld customers to optimize their systems. In addition, the ability to create custom dashboards gives users access to the most granular insights available. Diagnostics can provide a health check for your system within 3 months, as well as longer-term monitoring to facilitate a consistent level of support to your user base. 

Paul Meester, CEO of Realworld Software Products B.V., offered his take on the new feature at launch: “The combined power of Diagnostics users will be greatly enhanced by the introduction of the user portal, precisely because it lets them take advantage of each other’s user experiences”.

Within the portal website, you can find custom modules made by other Diagnostics users. Inspired by initial successes, these modules will help you delve deeper into performance and user experience issues and further embed Diagnostics as your organization’s primary monitoring tool in your GE Smallworld implementation.


Diagnostics User Portal

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