Design custom basemaps with the new ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor

Whether a developer, designer, or a GIS professional, Esri’s ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor gives users a fast and easy way to create a custom basemap style that matches brands and mapping applications. The editor application can easily create, edit, and save your own styles. Additionally, the application gives you the ability to fully customize the colors, patterns, and labels for all layer types and at all zoom levels.


How it works:

  • Start by selecting an existing Esri vector basemap (e.g. World Street Map or Light Gray Canvas) and then just begin customizing the layer colors and labels from there.
  • You can edit everything from fill and text symbols to fonts, halos, patterns, transparency, and zoom level visibility.
  • When you are finished, the styles are saved as an item in ArcGIS Online with a unique ID.
  • The Map Viewer or any custom application can then reference the item to display the basemap.

The editor makes styling easy by allowing you to style many layers at once or by allowing you to search for individual layers of interest. 

How to start:

  • Sign into the ArcGIS for Developers website and click “New Basemap Style”

Want to see some examples? Check out the showcase of some custom styles Esri has created.

Layer editor


Website Esri | Vector Basemap Showcase


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