New data centers for 3D Mapping Cloud SaaS platform

“We’re opening 2 new Data Centers freely accessible for every customer”, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “By adding a Data Center in the US and one in South-East Asia, we now cover the globe and can guarantee top performance for every user.  After releasing many major upgrades to the platform, this again adds improved user experience.

The recent upgrade is full of new capabilities. 3D Mapping Cloud is Orbit GT’s SaaS platform designed to host, process and share massive volumes of LiDAR, Imagery and other reality capture data, however it has been collected. It supports high resolution Mobile Mapping as well as aerial Oblique mapping, each with fully automated adapted viewer behaviour. Data can be shared informally using a 1-click Bookmark, or via a formal setup Publication. 

Website 3D Mapping Cloud

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