Cyclomedia and Infraplan Geospatial start joint operations

Cyclomedia has joined forces with Infraplan Geospatial, a Catalan company offering cutting-edge solutions in consulting, technology development, and geo-information production for professional applications. This collaboration has officially commenced following the signing of a technology partnership agreement.

The primary objective of this strategic alliance is to facilitate joint efforts between the two companies in the development and acceleration of digital twin projects in Spain. Through this partnership, Cyclomedia and Infraplan Geospatial will collaborate by sharing access and providing technical support for their respective solutions aimed at capturing and visualizing data related to urban environments, as well as extracting actionable insights from this data.

By leveraging advanced technologies such as data capture, processing, and Artificial Intelligence-driven data mining to create comprehensive 3D digital representations of cities, city council managers and other public and private entities will gain the capability to enhance mobility planning, streamline street maintenance operations, and optimize the collection of municipal taxes and fees. This innovative approach will ultimately reduce the necessity for physical site visits, leading to more efficient and cost-effective urban management practices.

Following the recent agreement reached, the companies have successfully consolidated their joint operations, achieving a consistent capture range of over 1,000 kilometres per month in key territories such as Barcelona, Catalonia, Madrid, the Balearic Islands, Valencia, and Italy.

Furthermore, they have established the necessary infrastructure to implement a unified system for uploading and downloading processed data, which is hosted in the cloud at Infraplan’s headquarters in Barcelona. This has greatly streamlined the entire process.Through this collaboration, the companies anticipate accelerating the growth of new projects in the near future. These projects will not only involve city managers but also extend to other sectors such as telecommunications, infrastructure management, and road maintenance.

The partnership, which began in 2020 with pilot projects, has strengthened over the years, solidifying Cyclomedia’s relationship with Infraplan as a strategic partner for deploying their technological solutions in Southern Europe.

Kevin Bidon-Chanal, Sales Manager for Southern Europe at Cyclomedia, expressed his satisfaction with the strengthening of the partnership with Infraplan. “This collaboration, which began 4 years ago with pilot projects, has evolved over this time, establishing Infraplan as a key strategic partner for the deployment of our technological solutions in the region. Infraplan’s extensive experience working with municipalities and local governments, coupled with their human and technological resources, will enable us to roll out our digital twin projects in Spain”.

Ricard González, the founder and CEO of Infraplan, emphasized their commitment to leveraging spatial and textual data to develop sustainable data models with enhanced accessibility and interoperability for clients. “The collaboration with Cyclomedia is expected to optimize the utilization of geospatial data in projects across various public and private organizations in Spain. This will empower clients to make informed and sustainable decisions based on high-quality information provided by our joint efforts”.

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