Copernicus Masters 2019 Submissions Now Open

The demand for Earth observation (EO) data is exploding in order to find innovative solutions for today’s challenges such as climate change, food security or water supply.

With more than 15 terabytes of free EO data generated by the Copernicus programme every day, the Copernicus services deliver near-real-time data on a global level – contributing towards the sustainable management of the environment.

Simultaneously, the Earth observation industry is constantly growing. New data platforms are being developed to receive and process the huge amount of satellite data collected from the Sentinels – and other contributing commissions.

These data platforms are established on the cloud and work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, enabling the development of new applications in the EO sector.

The Copernicus Masters 2019 – Europe’s leading innovation competition for Earth observation (EO) – is searching for such outstanding applications, solutions, and business concepts from future-oriented SMEs, startups, universities and individuals in the fields of business, research, and higher education.

From 1 April to 30 June, participants in the Copernicus Masters 2019 can submit their innovative EO solutions to 8 challenges offered by the following world-class partners: European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Astrosat, Planet, BayWa, and Airbus together with sobloo and the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

“The Copernicus Masters is the innovative driver for future-oriented applications and business concepts using Earth observation data. This creates socio-economic benefits through public services all over Europe. Besides, it supports business ventures and high-tech jobs in Europe’s digital economy,” states Josef Aschbacher, Director of ESA’s Earth Observation Programmes.



Participants can demonstrate their innovative use of Earth observation data across a wide variety of challenge topics, including the fields of future EO, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, energy, health, sustainable living, smart farming, and digital transportation, as well as maritime, defence & security.

“Since 2011, the Copernicus Masters competition has evolved into the leading innovation platform for promoting user uptake of Earth observation data in a commercial, societal and sustainable context. Each year, it showcases new solutions and trends, serving as an integral part of an international EO innovation network,” adds Thorsten Rudolph, Managing Director of AZO, the competition organiser.

Together with cash prizes, challenge winners will receive access to an international network of leading Earth observation organisations, substantial satellite data quotas, and business development support worth more than EUR 450,000 in total. The Overall Winner will receive an additional cash prize of EUR 10,000.

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