CLEERIO Expands Operations in the United States

CLEERIO Inc., provider of an innovative geolocation asset management platform solution with corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, announced that it is expanding its operations in the United States. With 1,400 customers worldwide, CLEERIO combines the functionality of maps with the efficiency of information systems to provide an open, affordable, and easy-to-use online cloud solution for managing property, utilities, and assets.

Ladislav Capek, CEO of CLEERIO, said, “CLEERIO is dedicated to enhancing the user experience by developing a unique intuitive platform that allows customers to appreciate the full collaborative value of information systems and real-time industry trends. We developed CLEERIO with our users in mind. Our goal is to add value, reduce costs, and maximize productivity.”




CLEERIO’s platform handles the daily asset and property management tasks of cities and municipalities without the need for proprietary desktop GIS solutions that are often complicated and expensive. CLEERIO can be used to activate layers of data from various sources. It enables users to filter, search, and share that data to increase productivity and lower costs. According to Capek, “Building on the customer’s data resources and CLEERIO’s innovative product development, customers in the office and in the field will have a broader data-management solution designed to meet their individual needs and budget requirements.”



Unlike traditional legacy GIS solutions, CLEERIO is based on open technologies and offers seamless integration with mobile devices through native applications. The result is a unique platform that can be used by cities and municipalities as well as other industries to provide a high level of detailed data – from large land areas to the most detailed floorplans. Data can be imported to the system regardless of its original format. CLEERIO’s simple business model requires no license fees and there are no hidden costs for users. Its software as a service (SaaS) form enables mobility, remote administration, integration into processes, and impressive cost reductions. It is a modern alternative to outdated GIS platforms, running on all web browsers, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.





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