CHC Navigation Introduces the Apache3 Drone

CHC Navigation announced the availability of its Apache3 Marine Drone, which brings a series of new features and additional enhancements to make lake, river and coastal hydrographic surveys even more productive.

Combining a dual GNSS positioning and heading sensor, a stable and reliable hull attitude and an IMU sensor, the APACHE3 USV allows an uninterrupted survey while passing under bridges. Its high-efficiency 8 m/s motors and absolute straight-line technology enable a fully automatic, pre-determined course in adverse current conditions

The Apache3 | 2020 Edition includes new features:

  • GNSS/INS control box to maintain high accuracy during transient GNSS outage
  • Integrated 4G and LAN transmission module
  • Sonic radar for obstacle avoidance
  • Automatic return to base planning
  • 360° PTZ camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
  • Overspeed engines to allow operation in most water conditions
  • Integrated high performance single beam echosounder

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