Call for Speakers UAV Expo Europe 2018

Commercial UAV Expo Europe 2018 is a conference and exhibition focused on integration and operation of UAVs/UAS for large asset owners in select industrial market segments. Conference content includes systems selection, workflow integration, management of large data, legal and regulatory considerations, outsourcing versus insourcing, safety and training issues, specifications, deliverables and more.  The event takes place 10-12 April 2018 in Amsterdam.


Target industries include Process, Power & Utilities (Oil & Gas, Nuclear & Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Chemical Processing); Construction; Civil Infrastructure; Surveying & Mapping; Mining & Aggregates; Precision Agriculture; Law Enforcement/Security/Emergency Response.

Abstracts are invited detailing case studies and addressing best practices including lessons learned and challenges remaining in key topic areas. Preference will be given to asset owner presenters. Vendors are encouraged to nominate asset owner customers to present. Product presentations will not be selected for main program (but are available to exhibiting companies in the product preview section of the conference program.)

Seeking UAV/UAS end-user case study presentations for:
•          Process/Power/Utilities inspection: pipeline, cell tower, wind power, transmission line, asset management, planning
•          Infrastructure design, construction and inspection: roads, bridges, tunnels, facilities
•          Construction: progress on a jobsite, innovative uses of UAV/UAS for precision measurement
•          Mining & Aggregates: volumetric measurement, stockpile management, risk mitigation
•          Asset management case studies: using UAV/UAS for documentation and management of large capital assets
•          Environmental Monitoring: case studies of UAV/UAS for environmental projects
•          Surveying & Mapping: case studies of UAV/UAS for survey and mapping projects
•          Precision Agriculture: case studies of UAV/UAS for agriculture, farming
•          Law Enforcement, Security, Emergency Response: case studies of UAV/UAS integration for first responders, to address security concerns
•          Regulatory landscape, regulatory initiatives, current regulatory structure, updates by country on existing and future regulations, EU perspective, harmonization of standards
•          Safety, legal, liability and insurance considerations: opportunities to field test within legal framework, risk mitigation, safety and training
•          Planning for UAV/UAS integration with existing workflows
•          Data fusion: Integrating UAV/UAS with other precision measurement systems and data capture methods
•          University/Industry Collaboration: developments and opportunities, public-private partnerships, university research

Please Note: Presentations must be original and not a repeat of a presentation given at another conference. Marketing/Sales presentations will not be considered for the main program.

The Commercial UAV Expo Europe Advisory Board will review each abstract; the final program will be announced in January 2018.

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