Cadcorp SIS web mapping tools to replace council’s legacy GIS

Mansfield District Council has undertaken a project to replace their outdated GIS and reduce desktop GIS licensing costs. The council’s GIS team was looking for an intuitive, internet based GIS where external users and contactors could easily interrogate data from desktop or mobile devices. Another aim was to encourage internal users to make use of an intranet based mapping system. This required a web based system that would allow users to view, analyse, print and edit GIS data. 

Cadcorp was selected for its capability to fulfil these requirements and for its reputation in helping councils make savings. Cadcorp proposed a single server based GIS mapping solution with two web interfaces for internet and intranet GIS. Cadcorp Web Map Layers is to be made available via the internet for public use and via the intranet for internal use. Editing features are also to be provided internally. The GIS department at Mansfield District Council will use Cadcorp’s desktop GIS for system administration and in-depth GIS projects and analysis. 

Glynn Bacon, GIS Manager at Mansfield District Council noted, “Deploying Cadcorp’s web mapping software has meant we can reduce desktop GIS licensing overheads and without losing out on functionality.”

Cadcorp is also providing tools to help Mansfield Council meet their obligations under INSPIRE and statutory requirements for open data.

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