Cadcorp launches new EPC Data Service

Cadcorp has launched a new cloud hosted data service, providing Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings for all residential properties in Great Britain. Easy access to EPC data provides significant benefits to many industry sectors including government, land and property, environment, and finance. Integrating EPC data with a Geographic Information System (GIS) plays an essential part in enabling organisations to identify properties that meet specific target EPC ratings.


EPC Data Service

Each record has been geocoded based on the national Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) to allow organisations the opportunity to analyse each location individually or as part of a wider area.

Specific applications of the EPC Data Service include organisations that are required to conduct a housing stock condition survey. It can be used to identify discrepancies between existing EPC data readings and the official data issued by central government. Additionally, it can be utilised in stock audits, potentially leading to discoveries such as a property classified as a detached house being subdivided into flats.

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