Bluesky Aerial Photography used to Map Green Roofs

Bluesky International Ltdhas supplied its high-resolution photography to support a new artificial intelligence platform created by technology start-up Gentian.

The platform will map green infrastructure with the aim to identify where biodiversity can increase in UK cities.

Using 12.5-centimetre resolution imagery from Bluesky, Gentian has developed an advanced workflow based on Machine Learning algorithms, which automatically identifies and records the number of buildings with green roofs.

Gentian is helping local authorities explore the capacity of new developments and enhance the value of existing properties in a bid to mitigate the loss of biodiversity and the negative impacts of climate change, reduce flooding and improve air quality.

Using the Bluesky 12.5cm multispectral imagery, which includes the familiar RGB (Red Green Blue) bands as well as Near Infrared band that provides a unique insight into the state and health of vegetation, Gentian has already completed a pilot project in London and a project for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Website Bluesky World

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