Blue Marble Releases version 22 of Global Mapper

Blue Marble Geographics announced the immediate availability of version 22 of the Global Mapper and Lidar Module® Software Development Kits (SDK).

The new releases incorporate many of the new features from the version 22 release of the desktop software, including a faster rendering of tiled online sources (especially in 3D), support for creating point, line, or area features from a list of coordinates in an MS Excel (.xls/.xlsx) file, a tabular preview showing the beginning of an imported ASCII or Excel file, and many other new features.

Additional enhancements to the Lidar Module SDK include a new algorithm to improve building classification results, improved building extraction with better 3D shape simplification for generating building footprints, a new option to create a process summary report when using the Pixels to Points® process, dramatically faster rendering of lidar path profiles with a large number of points, two new lidar draw mode— Color by Source Layer, and Color by Scan Angle —and more.

The Global Mapper and Lidar Module SDKs enable developers to add the functionality of Global Mapper and the Lidar Module to their own applications and to create custom toolbars and extensions for the desktop version of Global Mapper.

“GIS professionals have always had a desire to extend and customize Global Mapper. The SDK versions of the software are made available to programmers and developers that want to take that one step further,” stated Patrick Cunningham, Blue Marble Geographics President, and CEO. “This release is another update that enables taking GIS to a new 3D level for both visualization and processing. The tools we have been releasing lately have enabled some great new solutions for everything from processing large amounts of data to virtual and augmented reality output. It is well worth a look.”

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