Blue Marble releases Global Mapper version 21.1

Blue Marble Geographics has released version 21.1 of its GIS software, Global Mapper, and its point cloud processing add-on, the Lidar Module.


The new Raster Reclassification tool in Global Mapper v21.1.

Global Mapper 21.1 comes with new features and improvements, some more significant ones include:

  • The Raster Reclassification tool for updating raster values, grouping values together, or setting values to a common scale
  • Subscription-based access to Blackbeard Tanuki — an online data service for accessing pipeline, well, and lease information
  • An improved Raster Transparency tool for rendering multiple colors of a raster layer transparent
  • Expanded vector feature shift functionality to include the option to apply a vertical offset.
  • Improved processing time for the Batch Conversion/Reproject tool
  • Several speed improvements to processes such as 2D draw rendering, and the Viewshed Analysis tool

Version 21.1 of the Lidar Module includes updates such as:

  • The ability to extract points classified as utility poles
  • New tool for automatically aligning point clouds by finding a best-fit 3D transformation
  • New point cloud change detection tool that creates a new layer containing points that are significantly offset when comparing two point cloud layers
The improved Raster Transparency tool in Global Mapper v21.1.

This release was influenced heavily by the needs and feedback of Global Mapper users, and from a new partnership with the online data service, Blackbeard Tanuki, for pipeline, well, and property lease information“We release many silent updates to our software throughout the year but periodically we like to package up a minor release to focus on some of the new features,” said President and CEO Patrick Cunningham. “Often, new features come from the suggestions of our loyal users, who have helped us develop Global Mapper to the powerful and easy-to-use GIS software it is today.”

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