Blue Marble Announces Geographic Calculator 2020 SP1

Blue Marble Geographics announced the release of Geographic Calculator 2020 SP1 —a powerful geodetic toolkit with particular strength in survey, seismic, and energy exploration.


In addition to single point, point database, and file conversion tools, this highly accurate transformation software includes many specialized tools such as Canadian DLS (Dominion Land Survey) Land Grid tools, Seismic Survey Conversion tools, Area of Use tools for guiding users to the most appropriate transformation settings for a specific location, Horizontal Time-Dependent Positioning (HTDP), Geoid Creation tools, and much more.

The SP1 release of Geographic Calculator 2020 introduces many new features and improvements, including new IOGP data model types for Usage and Scope Objects, Dynamic Datums, and Ensembles. To extend the use of the desktop software, users of Geographic Calculator can now access GeoCalc Online, the cloud-based version of the GeoCalc library, which is available at no extra cost throughout 2021. This convenient cloud-based service includes a new Point-to-Point Calculator offering three geodetic calculation operations: Convert, Forward, and Inverse.

Without the need to install software, GeoCalc Online’s Point-to-Point Calculator can be used to conduct basic operations within a browser interface, expanding the reach of GeoCalc to users in the field. The interface is optimized for use on mobile devices and is a great way to perform quality assurance on geodetic data in real-time at the job site.

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