Bentley’s New CONNECTservices

Bentley Systems announced the introduction of SELECT CONNECTservices, new Azure-based services that deliver comprehensive learning, mobility, and collaboration benefits to Bentley application subscribers.

The most significant update of the SELECT program since its inception, CONNECTservices are new benefits to all subscribers of Bentley applications, whether through SELECT for perpetual licenses, Enterprise License Subscriptions (ELS), or Cloud Services Subscriptions (CSS) for term licenses. SELECT CONNECTservices help user organizations to advance project delivery and accelerate “going digital.”

CONNECTservices include Adaptive Learning Services, Personal Mobility Services, and ProjectWise Connection Services:

Adaptive Learning Services
•             Application subscribers’ application mastery is now advanced through CONNECT Advisor, a new in-application service that provides contextual and personalized learning. Learning benefits previously provided through optional LEARN subscriptions are now available to every Bentley application subscriber. Services include Quick Starts for new user onboarding, in-application feature videos, workflow videos, on-demand courses, live virtual training, personalized learning paths and knowledge maps, and more.

With Adaptive Learning Services, users’ application mastery is enabled through CONNECT Advisor.


Personal Mobility Services
•             Application subscribers benefit from unlimited access to Bentley apps, ensuring they have access to all the right project information when and where they need it – at the office, in the field, or on the site. Project team members can access project data, communicate with other team members, submit and resolve issues, and more. Bentley Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows include ProjectWise Edge Mobile, ProjectWise WorkSite, Bentley Navigator Mobile, OpenRoads Navigator Mobile, and Bentley Map Mobile.

Application subscribers benefit from unlimited access to Bentley apps.


ProjectWise Connection Services
•             New services allow Bentley application subscribers to access BIM content and standards to support design, analytical, reality, and construction modeling and securely share application and other information via Azure cloud services. Application subscribers are also able to manage and resolve issues, and to create, send, track, and manage transmittals, submittals, and RFIs. Teams benefit from dashboards to review project status and benchmark project performance. 

Collaborate on connected projects in real time using ProjectWise Share.


CEO Greg Bentley said about CONNECTservices, “Our application users and their organizations are appropriately making going digital their business priority. In our own business at Bentley Systems, I feel that we should be correspondingly responsible to take full advantage of cloud services to advance applications users’ learning, mobility, and collaboration. In going digital ourselves, we are provisioning our application subscribers with intrinsic Microsoft Azure services. With CONNECTservices, our contribution to subscribers’ project success is not limited to application executables and sporadically requested support. Now, through Azure cloud services, our “connected” support for applications is literally continuous, and literally contextual, across users’ learning curves, devices, teams, and workdays—and we have been enabled to virtualize this expanded advancement responsibility across our thousands of applications-masterful colleagues globally: together, going digital! Bentley application subscribers can and should ‘get connected’ immediately.”  

About Bentley’s Subscription Programs
SELECT is Bentley’s comprehensive subscription program for its complete portfolio of applications for design, analytical, reality, and construction modeling. SELECT subscriptions provide application users of current and new perpetual licenses with 24/7/365 support, continuously updated software, access to Bentley’s entire application portfolio, and SELECT CONNECTservices. SELECT subscribers benefit from country-wide license pooling, which enables applications to be shared among users. Additionally, SELECT licenses are kept evergreen with portfolio balancing, an annual right to exchange perpetual licenses for other titles to best match current work requirements. 

Through the Autodesk License Upgrade Program, subscribers may also receive full credit for the current value of Autodesk licenses toward the purchase of Bentley perpetual licenses. 

The Enterprise License Subscription (ELS) is Bentley’s enterprise subscription program for large user organizations and includes all the benefits offered to SELECT subscribers, but in addition provides global license pooling. The ELS provides an annually renewed license for unlimited use of Bentley’s comprehensive application portfolio. In effect, ELS subscriber organizations are entitled to continuous portfolio balancing. The annual fee for an ELS is fixed, with actual usage measured throughout the year to determine the subsequent year’s renewal fee. 

The Cloud Services Subscription (CSS) is a subscription program, primarily for consumption of cloud services by SELECT and ELS application subscribers, and also for organizations preferring only term licensing. Under a CSS, a budget is determined that enables organizations to cover their anticipated consumption costs. Actual usage charges are applied monthly, and CSS balances never expire. A CSS is required for use of Passports and of ProjectWise and AssetWise Visas, for application cloud services (such as ContextCapture Cloud Service), and for Success Plans. CSS balances may also be applied towards term licensing of applications, and for professional services.

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