BARSC welcomes two new Earth Observation companies as members

The British Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BARSC), the body that promotes the British earth observation industry, announced that two UK-based, earth observation technology companies have joined as new members.

isardSAT is a research and development enterprise that provides services and solutions across a wide-range of earth observation applications. These include developing on-board and on-ground algorithms to process microwave instruments data and customising the use of remotely sensed data for hydrological applications. 

Technical Manager Chandra Taposeaa says, “The UK Space Sector is an exciting place to be in and that was one of the reasons isardSAT whose headquarters are in Barcelona decided to open our office here in 2013. By joining BARSC, we are solidifying our place in the UK, and we will be able to interact with a large range of companies in the Remote Sensing industry, as well as help promote the use of Remote Sensing within the UK. We join a group of successful and innovative companies and we are looking to contribute positively to BARSC.” 

Spottitt is an Earth Observation analytics start-up based at the Harwell Campus, near Oxford. Their staff are experts at providing bespoke and fully automated satellite imagery analysis ‘self–services’ that work to connect clients with the most relevant satellite data, from a host of different sources. These services allow Spottitt users to quickly make fully-informed business decisions.

Earth Observation Specialist for Spottitt, William Ray says, “Joining BARSC allows us at Spottitt to connect with and potentially collaborate with other Earth Observation companies. It also enables us to a contribute to the wider discussion as demand for Earth Observation data and analysis grows and as the sector matures over the next few years. It’s an exciting time to be working with satellite data and we want to be part of that growth!” 

Chairman of BARSC, Alistair Maclenan commented; “It is fantastic to see more and more companies joining us as members and supporting our efforts to promote the British remote-sensing industry both at home and throughout international markets around the world. Both isardSat and Spottitt are growing organisations who offer innovative and cutting-edge services and technology that will make a real difference to how their customers work and make decisions.”

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