Autodesk and NASA to keynote SPAR 3D Expo & Conference

Two new Keynotes, Autodesk and NASA will be kicking off SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, which will be held April 11-14, 2016 at The Woodlands, TX.

The future of such technologies as Mixed Reality, Augmented and Virtual Reality holds enticing promise for greater collaboration and visualization of 3D information.

Eddie J. Paddock of NASA, Johnson Space Center
Learn about the history and current VR technologies being developed and used at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in support of astronaut Extra Vehicular Activity and Intra-Vehicular Activity training for Shuttle, ISS, Robotics and Orion, and future exploration programs. Eddie will also describe experiences in the Lab with new commercial Head Mounted Displays, game engine renderers, and tracking systems as well as current and future use of Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies.

Curtis Chan, Technical Evangelist at Autodesk
Mr. Chan will share new technologies driving major changes in the ways that things — from buildings and infrastructure to cars and consumer electronics — are made.  This keynote will shed light on new means of production such as microfactories and 3D printing, new types of Internet-connected products, and new consumer demands for locally made and sustainable products are posing serious disruptions to existing order.




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