Atlantic enhances its airborne capability with Teledyne Optech

Teledyne Optech, a Teledyne Technologies company, announced that Atlantic is first to take possession of the new Optech G2 sensor system, which will accommodate their two Optech Galaxy Prime airborne lidar sensors.

Atlantic will also take delivery of three Optech  Galaxy T2000 lidar sensors by the end of Q1. The G2/T2000 upgrade purchase will bolster Atlantic’s single-swath pulse density and operational efficiency for forestry, rail, electrical utilities, and other high-density applications.

The Galaxy T2000 features a true 2-MHz laser PRF, even greater range performance and further improved scan efficiency. The customizable G2 sensor system incorporates two Prime or T2000 sensors and is configured for adjustable fore and aft pitch to provide optimum vertical surface resolution and ground point density in forestry, corridor and urban projects. Using two T2000 sensors on the G2 will enable Atlantic to survey at a full 4 MHz on the ground and achieve staggering point densities to rival flash lidar capabilities.

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