Aero-Graphics purchases UltraCam Eagle 4.1 Aerial Cameras

The first two UltraCam Eagle 4.1 aerial imaging systems to land in North America have been purchased by Salt Lake City-based Aero-Graphics Inc. With delivery expected by March 2023, both nadir photogrammetric cameras are on track to be fully operational for the spring flying season.


The 4th generation UltraCam Eagle integrates significant technological improvements, including a move to CMOS sensors, a significantly increased frame rate, and a revolutionary Adaptive Motion Compensation (AMC) feature. Not content with mechanical methods or the notion of eliminating blur through shutter speed, Vexcel developed the proprietary AMC software approach to address image blur caused by multi-directional camera movement during the flight. This game-changing technology is unique to UltraCam systems and is included in the UltraCam Eagle 4.1.

“The 4th generation technology is a huge leap forward and truly an engineering marvel,” said Casey Francis, co-president of Aero-graphics Inc. “Probably the most significant factor in our decision to purchase the Eagle 4.1 is the new motion compensation capability. The AMC technology detects any motion blur and removes it in all three axes, allowing us to avoid time consuming and costly re-flights.”

The UltraCam Eagle 4.1 collects high-resolution panchromatic, R, G, B and NIR information at over 500 Megapixels, delivering more data in less time, ranging from low altitude engineering applications to high altitude orthophotography projects. The CMOS sensors use less power, transmit data faster, and operate well in low light, thus optimizing flying windows.

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