Aerial Precision Unveils AP-LiDAR-M Gen II and Aerial Precision App

Aerial Precision announced the launch of its entry-level LiDAR sensor, the AP-LiDAR-M Gen II, and the Aerial Precision app. These innovations are set to transform the accessibility and efficiency of LiDAR technology for a wide range of applications.

Introducing AP-LiDAR-M Gen II: High-Performance, Entry-Level LiDAR
The AP-LiDAR-M Gen II is designed to provide exceptional performance and accuracy at an entry-level price point.
Key features of the AP-LiDAR-M Gen II include:

• Dual Antenna L1/L5 GNSS Receivers: Precise point clouds even in the most challenging environments.
• Industrial IMUs: 1°/hr gyroscopes with INS solution computed at 2,000 Hz.
• Survey-grade accuracy: 3 to 5 cm, suitable for the most demanding projects.
• Triple Returns: Complete point cloud coverage of the ground, even in dense vegetation and tree canopies.
• REC Button: Simplifies the data acquisition process, ensuring swift integration into any platform.
• USB-C: Store and transfer high volumes of data effortlessly by enabling a direct connection to the iPad at 400 MB/s.
• No calibration or complicated flight patterns: Perfectly aligned strips every time.
• Colorise with RGB, Thermal, or Multispectral: Capture simultaneous data with any other sensor and augment the envelope of information of your data.
• Aerial Mapping: Suitable for Aerial mapping with any drone, such as on a DJI M350 RTK or a Freefly ASTRO, etc.

Aerial Precision App: Fast, Offline LiDAR Data Processing
Complementing the AP-LiDAR-M Gen II is the Aerial Precision app, designed to process LiDAR data quickly and efficiently in the field.
Key features of the app include:

• Edge Processing: Eliminates the need for internet connectivity, ensuring secure and fast data processing directly on-site.
• Compatibility: Available for Mac and iPad, offering flexibility for fieldwork.
• Coordinate Reference Systems: Define your horizontal and vertical datum from more than 6,500 available.
• GNSS Post-Processing (PPK): Automatically post-process both antennas independently for optimal positioning results.
• Align to GCPs: Easily align your point cloud and create comprehensive accuracy reports.
• Export to LAS or LAZ: Share your point cloud with full or reduced density and move to the next step in your workflow.

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