A Day of UAV Lidar Survey

If you work in the geospatial industry, whether it’s as a field engineer, LiDAR technician, flying the skies as a pilot, or you are a novice LiDAR user, everyone enjoys obtaining the beautiful point clouds and datasets from the scanners. If you work in this industry, you are familiar with the results and the valuable information collected from LiDAR laser scanners. But not everyone gets to witness the full process that is involved with capturing the data.

In the short video below created by Quantum Spatial, they filmed a great example of a UAV pre-flight preparation, including base station setup, which clearly shows how you do not just “go and collect” the LiDAR data. There are important steps to ensure that quality data is captured. The video compares the possibilities of data acquisition by helicopter and by UAV both using the RIEGL VQ-480i, 2 VUX-1LR helicopter system integration’s (CLASS), and a VUX-1UAV (VUX-SYS) system.

Quantum Spatial Lidar Acquisition and Analytics from Quantum Spatial on Vimeo.

About Quantum Spatial
Quantum Spatial is a NV5 company, is North America’s largest geospatial services firm, providing insights to organizations that need geospatial intelligence to mitigate risk, plan for growth, better manage resources and advance scientific understanding. Quantum Spatial goes beyond data acquisition and measurement, transforming high-quality, accurate data into usable information tailored to meet their clients’ needs. A host of clients depend on Quantum Spatial to revolutionize the way they use and value geospatial data through end-to-end solutions that push the boundaries of data and analytics. The company flies an impressive suite of RIEGL LiDAR sensors including a VQ-480i, two VQ-1560is, two VQ-1560iis, four VUX-1 LRs, two VUX-240s, one VUX-1, and two VQ-880-Gii topobathymetric sensors.

Website Quantum Spatial

Website RIEGL

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