3D Laser Mapping Marks 800th Anniversary of King John’s Passing

Geospatial technology supplier, 3D Laser Mapping, has marked the 800th anniversary of King John’s death by mapping Newark Castle. Also known as ‘Bad King John’, King John ruled England from the 6 April 1199 until his death at the castle, aged 49, on 19 October 1216. The Nottinghamshire-based company used its latest 3D mapping system named ROBIN, to take an in-depth look at the historic landmark.

ROBIN provides companies with the ability to create detailed 3D maps of difficult to reach areas. Used for surveying, environmental studies and heritage projects, ROBIN has the ability to be mounted onto a backpack, bicycle, vehicle or drone.

Nicola Dupont, marketing manager at 3D Laser Mapping, explains: “Based only 11 miles from Newark Castle, we thought this was an excellent opportunity to mark such an historic event. Because ROBIN can be attached to a backpack, it allowed us to walk the entire perimeter of the castle. It took the team just 15 minutes to capture enough data to create the 3D animation, compared to the one and half days it would take with a terrestrial laser scanner.  “ROBIN enabled us to perform a 360° scan of the castle, which would usually be extremely difficult as one side of the building backs onto the river Trent, which is obviously inaccessible by foot. We’re really pleased with the results and it’s great to be able to use our technology to document such an iconic local heritage site. The data will be made available to the District Council for future use.”

King John was portrayed by Disney as a greedy, malevolent lion in the cartoon Robin Hood and has been dubbed the ‘most evil monarch in British history’. His excessive taxation of normal citizens led to a rebellion that culminated in the signing of the Magna Carta, the first document to limit the power of the Crown.

ROBIN provides a multi-purpose all round system, integrating a 360° field of view laser scanner, 12 MP camera, two GNSS antennas, inertial navigation system, touch screen control unit and three mounting systems. The ROBIN package also includes complete capture and a post-processing software


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