PAVE-SCANNER: 360-degree infrastructure and pavement inspection system

Pave-Scanner is a Laser Automated Roadway ANalyzer, the first commercially available, true 360-degree infrastructure and pavement inspection system. Coming from the full integration of the Pavemetrics LCMS technology onto SITECO Road-Scanner hardware & software platforms, it has been designed for managing all operations and maintenance service on road and airport pavements.

The turnkey Road-Scanner system can mount the latest lidar sensors (FARO, RIEGL, Velodyne, Z+F, etc.) and cameras (ex. LadyBug5). The system is provided with dedicated PMS-SIT software for road and airport pavements. Pave-Scanner represents the state-of-the-art in cost effective hi-performance infrastructure & pavement inspection systems.

This new Road-Scanner system development will greatly simplify the collection of qualified data according to internationally respected standards, reducing the time consuming testing work that survey service providers undergo today. The net result will be seen in cost savings over time.

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