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SimActive Launches Version 6.0 with Revolutionary Photogrammetric Workflow

SimActive Inc., a developer of photogrammetry software, is pleased to announce Correlator3D™ version 6.0. A revolutionary new interface introduces streamlined image processing for any sensor type.

New versions 5.3 of DPW PHOTOMOD and PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic

The 5.3 version primary advantage is an apparent increasing of the data processing volume through the transition of distributed processes operations to a 64-bit platform and speedup of UAS triangulation due to the distributed computing.

RapidEye Covers Lithuania in Multi-Year Contract

RapidEye, a provider of wide area, repetitive coverage of earth through its constellation of satellites announced that a second full coverage of Lithuania has been delivered and accepted by the Institute of Aerial Geodesy (AGI) in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Japanese Government to Speed Up Issuing of Disaster Damage Certificates with Hitachi and TerraGo

Hitachi Solutions, as part of its effort to assist in the reconstruction following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, has donated a TerraGo GeoPDF map atlas to the central Japanese government, disaster response headquarters and local governments.

Esri and DOI Introduce Landsat Data for the World

Working in close collaboration with the US Department of the Interior (DOI), Esri announced the release of Landsat image services. These provide access to almost four decades' worth of Global Land Survey (GLS) Landsat data developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and DOI's US Geological Survey. Esri provides access to the full multispectral, multitemporal Landsat data for free on ArcGIS Online as dynamic image services.

Greek cartographers use MobileMapper 100

Terrain, an Athens-based cartographic company, is publishing the first highly detailed, large-scale maps (1:10,000 to 1:100,000) of Greece using GIS data exclusively acquired by mobile teams of cartographers. By foot, bike, auto and boat, Terrain surveyor teams, traveling with Ashtech MobileMapper 100 handheld smart GNSS receivers loaded with ArcPad, are mapping Greece in unprecedented rich detail, even its remotest regions.

Satellite versus aerial images – not always a matter of choice!

When selecting raw data for value adding we do have today many more options than ever before. Images are very much appreciated and preferred because of their high information content. When it comes to non-terrestrial platforms we do have the choice between satellite, regular aerial and UAV imagery. The “choice” option cannot always be realized, because very often the circumstances, as project parameters, image availability, costs, etc. will dictate the selection and use.