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Supergeo Expand Partnership with Géo.RM, France

Supergeo Technologies, a GIS software and solution provider, announced the renewal of SuperGIS software contract with Géo. RM, France.

OGC seeks public comment on CF-netCDF 3.0 encoding

The membership of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) seeks public comment on the candidate OGC CF-netCDF 3.0 encoding using the GML Coverage Application Schema Standard.

Esri and EPRI Collaborate on Outage Data Platform

Last year the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) challenged software providers and electric utilities to find a common communication platform that fostered power restoration after storms.

Blue Marble Offers Free Global Mapper Training and User Certification

Blue Marble Geographics announces several new training programs being offered in 2015. The new programs include a Software Certification Program delivered via Public and On-site Training sessions, a Self-Training Program and Free Training.

Supergeo Renews Partnership with Star Vision for GIS Development in Southeast China

Supergeo Technologies, the global GIS software and solution provider, announced the extended partnership with Star Vision, the professional GIS consulting and surveying firm in Hong Kong, to further develop geospatial industry in China.

New Esri Book Applies the Science of GIS to Literature, History, and Culture

Maps created using geographic information system (GIS) technology can be used to explore and interpret events in literature, history, and culture.

Michigan School District Administrative Planning GIS Developed with TatukGIS SDK

Wayne County (Michigan) Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) developed the Polyplot Mapping System, a client server application for school district administrative planning which is implemented in over 100 school districts

New Book from Esri Shows How GIS Supports Weather, Climate Research

The new book “Mapping and Modeling Weather and Climate with GIS”, from Esri Press, describes how GIS technology can be coupled with atmospheric and climate sciences data to do research.

Book Provides Progress Report on Creating SDI’s in Europe

The third edition of Building European Spatial Data Infrastructures presents an update on the efforts of the European Union (EU) to create a system for spatial data sharing among the 28 EU member nations.

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