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Bluesky’s National Tree Map Helps London Council Clear Up Fallen Leaves

A detailed map of more than 280 million trees across England and Wales is helping the London Borough of Bromley prioritise its autumn street cleansing programme.

Bluesky’s National Tree Map helps Woodland Trust develop resilient treescapes

The Woodland trust, the UK’s woodland conservation charity, has purchased Bluesky’s National Tree Map that details more than 280 million trees across England and Wales.

Bluesky Aerial Photography Gives a Bird’s Eye View of the Cotswolds

Aerial photography from Bluesky is supporting the delivery of essential council services in Gloucestershire.

Bluesky Partnership Launches Air Pollution Monitoring Rocket

In what is thought to be a world’s first a rocket equipped with air pollution monitoring equipment is due to be launched on 04 February 2015.

Bluesky Launches Online Renewable Energy Platform

A prototype version of a website has been launched which allows homeowners, solar installers and manufacturers, energy companies and government organisations to assess the suitability of individual properties for solar energy technology.

Bluesky LiDAR Data Reveals First World War Trenches

High resolution laser scanned height models may have revealed previously unrecorded First World War practice trenches.

ADAS and Bluesky survey 30,000 km of overhead power lines using LiDAR technology

A multi million pound contract to produce the largest ever LiDAR survey undertaken by an electricity distribution network operator in the UK has been awarded to ADAS and Bluesky International.

Bluesky Announces New Aerial Photography for Ireland

Aerial mapping company Bluesky has announced plans to photograph the whole of The Republic of Ireland from the air to create the most up to date high resolution photomap of the country.

Bluesky Announces European Expansion Plans

Aerial mapping company Bluesky has announced it is expanding its aerial photography acquisition programme beyond the UK to include The Republic of Ireland.

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