GSDI Association Announces GSDI 2015 World Conference in Taiwan in 2016

30 November 2015

The Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association and the Taiwan Association of Disaster Prevention Industry (TADPI) announce the GSDI 15 Conference, to be held in Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China) from 28 November to 2 December 2016, with strong support from Ministry of the Interior (MOI). The theme of the conference is “Spatial Enablement in the Smart Homeland”.

The people and communities of Taiwan are happy to share their experience with the world at the forthcoming conference. The GSDI Association is pleased to offer TADPI the opportunity of the GSDI 15 World Conference to achieve this aim, with strong support from Ministry of the Interior. Many other GSDI Members are also involved in research and applications relating to Smart City and Smart Territory implementation.

The GSDI 15 World Conference will take place in the city of Taipei, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, from 28 November to 2 December 2016. Potential subject areas for the Call for Abstracts and Papers (to follow shortly) include:

Smart Homeland themes:

- Smart Cities, Smart Territories and Smart Environments

- Open Data and Open Government

- Open Data Repositories

- Land Information Systems

- Observatories (environmental, citizen, health, urban)

Disaster Management, Reduction and Mitigation themes:

- Emergency Management (logistics and telecommunications)

- Risk Modelling and Assessment

- Protecting Critical Infrastructure

- Earthquake Mitigation Challenges

- Flooding and Landslides – risk assessment, mitigation and management

- Innovation in Disaster Management Technology

- Examples of Disaster Management ‘Best Practice’

Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Development themes:

- Location-based Services for enabling Smart Environments

- VGI, Crowdsourcing, and Citizen Science roles

- SDI in the Cloud – Challenges and Solutions

- Indoor SDI and Personal SDI Developments

Technology themes:

- CyberGIS

- 3D/4D Spatial Data visualization and analytics

- Earth Observation

- Sensor Web / Internet of Things (IoT) and Linked Data

- UAVs and Remote Sensing

- Geospatial Big Data Management and Analytics


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