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Zenith 10 & Zenith 20: The complete GNSS RTK Solution from GeoMax

A new member of GeoMax’s complete and fully integrated GNSS RTK positioning system is the Zenith 10 & Zenith 20 series with integrated GPRS/GSM and UHF radio. The system gives the user full flexibility and offers Compass & Galileo readiness.

The Zenith 10 & Zenith 20 series comprises of only two components: a GNSS antenna and a handheld computer. They can be setup on a pole or tripod. The system is connected via integrated wireless technology (Bluetooth) and provides a lightweight and cable free solution. A system is as good as its components: NovAtel’s AdVance RTK technology in combination with high performance fully integrated communication technology  from SATEL and fully featured software applications provide a strong system eliminating any weak link.

Featuring integrated GPRS/GSM and radio provides full flexibility when switching between reference station networks and individual base. Every antenna can be used as rover or base or simply logging raw data. Get your tasks done in the fastest and most reliable way. Zenith 10 & Zenith 20 comes at a price-performance ratio unmatched in the market.

Internet: www.geomax-positioning.com