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The CAPIGI Programme

CAPIGI 2011 connects governments, science and the agricultural sector and discusses the latest trends in geo-information relevant to the implementation of the European agricultural policy. CAPIGI 2011 brings the latest information on European initiatives including Galileo, INSPIRE GMES and of course the CAP reform. Geo- information trends are similar at government level and farm level. The programme of CAPIGI 2011 consists of different tracks framed in the context of innovations in agriculture and collaborations across scales.

Session On Spatial Data Quality

Inspiring talks on how to measure and maintain the quality of spatial data. The City of Amsterdam, Kadaster, the UK Ordnance Survey and others present strategies of matching spatial data quality with policies. This session also includes a special track on Voluntary Geo Information with special attention to agriculture.

Session On Spatial Data Requirements From Machine Guidance
CAPIGI presents an insight in the developments from machine manufacturers and their needs towards spatial data. Machine guidance brings great benefits to agriculture and this session includes presentations from Claas, the university of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and from the new service called ‘FarmPilot'.

Session On Landscape Features Management

Landscape Features, such as trees, ponds, ditches and hedges are important parts of the landscape. The regulations offer opportunities to protect and maintain them, but this is easier said then done. This session discusses the technical aspects of measuring landscape features and the complexity of monitoring and control. Trimble shows their solutions for data maintenance and the EC will contribute with a presentation on backgrounds.

Session On Remote Sensing Applications

Innovations and inspiration how farms, service providers and governments deal with the increased need of frequent sensing of fields, soils and crops. CAPIGI will have an extended track on sensing, including the innovative Dutch service provider Basfood, the secretary general of EURISY and the Belgium company Eurosense presenting the use of satellite imagery in monitoring good agricultural and environmental conditions.

Session On Satellite Navigation Solutions
CAPIGI brings several talks on initiatives how to deal with GNSS data in collaborative mapping and information exchange. Of course we include an update of the European GNSS programme with the latest news on EGNOS and Galileo, brought by the GSA. Furthermore CAPIGI brings a presentation on MOVE-RTK; providing farmers with a RTK cm accuracy signal.

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture will present its vision on the impact of the reform scenarios on the geo-spatial registries. Capgemini presents its work on reduction of administrative burdens by restructuring information flows. The project FutureFarm presents its results. And of course CAPIGI will give you an update on the latest developments of the CAP reform presented by DG-AGRI.
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