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In the heart of landlocked Mali, the Atlantic Ocean 800 miles to the south the Sahara desert adjacent to the north, lays the extraordinary Inner Niger River Delta, also known as the Macina, a 1.8 million hectar oasis of lakes and floodplains with a vast potential for hydro agriculture.

FARO Vantage


FARO Technologies, a source for 3D measurement technology, announced the Vantage, a true laser tracker that combines disruptive new features and a supremely portable design. Enhancements like SmartFind, MultiView and integrated WLAN expedite measurement routines for unprecedented speed and efficiency. Dramatic reductions in size and weight make the device extremely portable.

Google Maps Coordinate is a new tool designed to improve communication between businesses and their employees in the field. As the number of mobile employees continues to grow, so does the need for a location sharing solution that works in real-time.

In Europe, many successful implementations of GIS and GIS-like tools are direct spin-offs resulting from legislation and law enforcement.

During the night of 14 May 300,000 m3 of rock broke off the Valegion mountain and crashed down 1,000 m to the valley floor in the Swiss canton of Ticino, near the village of Preonzo. Thanks in part to Leica Geosystems’ Deformation Monitoring solution GeoMoS local authorities were able to evacuate the valley’s industrial zone and to close the A2 highway and several cantonal roads at an early stage.

The Geospatial track at Be Together: The Bentley User Conference kicked off on Tuesday 14 May 2012 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia (U.S.A.), with the geospatial keynote, presented by Bentley senior product managers, Francois Valois who manages geospatial desktop products, and Nicolas Loubier who manages geospatial server products.

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, announced at this gathering of infrastructure professionals from around the world that an unprecedented number of the highest-ranking ENR Top Design Firms rely on the ProjectWise system of servers and services for work sharing and substantive collaboration.

When selecting raw data for value adding we do have today many more options than ever before. Images are very much appreciated and preferred because of their high information content. When it comes to non-terrestrial platforms we do have the choice between satellite, regular aerial and UAV imagery. The “choice” option cannot always be realized, because very often the circumstances, as project parameters, image availability, costs, etc. will dictate the selection and use.

Leica Geosystems announces a faster, easier option for Leica ScanStation C10 laser scanner users to apply the brilliance of external camera imagery to laser scan point cloud data.

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