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At SPAR Europe 2012 in The Hague, Leica Geosystems announced breakthrough features in Leica Cyclone and Leica TruView software that promise to extend the benefits of laser scanning into new markets, including daily plant operations, maintenance, and inspection activities.

This summer GEODIS, a geoinformation company in Central Europe, carried out detailed documentation along 125 km of the Elbe-Vltava watercourse using its own MOMAS mobile mapping system with a range of up to 300 m.

The essence of INTERGEO can be summed up in the following statement: “We need to turn data into intelligent information and then transform this into knowledge and actions.

State of the Map


At the start of September, a wide mixture of people headed to Tokyo for OpenStreetMap's 6th annual international conference known as "State of the Map"(SotM). T

Established in 1983, Murphy Surveys has become one of the largest Survey organisations in Ireland, providing cost-effective survey solutions to both public and private organisations in the UK and Ireland, across a number of sectors.

Bentley Systems, dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, announced that it has acquired Ontario, Canada-based Ivara Corporation

GEODIS tested the use of a complex mobile mapping system called MOMAS on railroads. The test took place in the VUZ (Výzkumný Ústav Železniční, a.s.) Velim Test Center which is a significant European test center. Its uniqueness rests especially in the possibility of reaching speeds of up to 250 km/h on the railroad tracks.

The evolution of information technologies requires geospatial systems and infrastructures to refocus efforts and skills in order to improve the last mile to the user: the geospatial application.

Last June, the third International Rail GIS Summit was held once again in the UIC (Union International de Chemin de Fer) in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower.  

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